ISBN 9780070703612,Training And Collaboration With Virtual Worlds

Training And Collaboration With Virtual Worlds



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070703612

ISBN-10 0070703612


Number of Pages 272 Pages
Language (English)


Virtual worlds are a rapidly maturing technology with powerful business applications, particularly in training and recruiting fields. As businesses face massive wave of baby-boomer retirement within the next five to ten years, many come to recognize that training is no longer a support function, but a matter of survival. Second Life and other virtual worlds are tools that should be considered as a part of any comprehensive knowledge transfer and training program, as well as any serious recruitment effort. A Forrester Research report earlier this year goes so far as to state that "within five years, the 3D Internet will become as important to companies as the Web is today." Virtual worlds take e-learning one crucial step farther - rather than simply utilizing online applications, employees are acting, in virtual reality, through robotic avatars. Team-building and training exercises can be conducted simultaneously with employees scattered across the globe. Their behavior is tracked and recorded automatically, so that strengths and weaknesses are immediately obvious and indisputable. Results can then be routed safely back to your corporate database, for future reference. This book teaches readers all they need to know about the business use of virtual worlds, with the emphasis on Second Life - what they are, what you need to start a successful training or recruitment program in Second Life, and how it 's already being used by a variety of well-respected corporate players. Special attention is paid to security issues and concerns, as well as real-life implementations and use of training simulations to achieve competitive advantage and high R.O.I.