ISBN 9780761935513,Training for Organizational Transformation, Part IITrainers, Consultants and Principals

Training for Organizational Transformation, Part IITrainers, Consultants and Principals


B R Virmani



SAGE Publications Ltd

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780761935513

ISBN-10 0761935517


Number of Pages 384 Pages
Language (English)


Management in India is an amalgam of practices borrowed from the West?and more recently from Japan?overlaid with age-old Indian values and norms that are still extant. This book is a seminal attempt to understand the nature of Indian management and how it can be institutionalized. With an in-depth historical perspective and a thorough analysis of four types of Indian organizations?traditional family-owned private sector; public sector; governmental departments and multinationals?the author highlights certain common styles, policies and practices that are in consonance with the Indian environment and also provides guidelines for management practices for Indian organizations. The contradiction within the Indian context between stated policy and actual practice has been explored and brought to the fore. Also in this book: - evolution of management in India from ancient times to the present; - evolution of management practices in the West and Japan; their strengths and weaknesses as also their relevance in the Indian context; - overview of Indian management and the future direction it could take. Lucidly written and replete with detailed case studies based on data collected from over 50 organizations, the book provides the path Indian management needs to take in the context of the changing competitive environment. Table of Contents Introduction I Indian Management: An Overview II Indian Management through the Ages Management Outside India III The Working of Indian Management: Typical Cases Case Conclusions: Similarity in Differences IV Indian Management Practices: Employees? Perspectives V After All, What is Indian Management? Whither Indian Management? Epilogue Appendix Bibliography Index