ISBN 9788184503074,Training The Teacher Trainer: Strategies, Techniques, Modern Tools

Training The Teacher Trainer: Strategies, Techniques, Modern Tools


D Sharma



Deep & Deep Publiations

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788184503074

ISBN-10 8184503075


Number of Pages 252 Pages
Language (English)

Language Learning & Teaching

Becoming a teacher by virtue of getting a degree in teacher education is extremely easy but honing individual skills and getting accepted by the students in class is something which might not come easily to majority of teachers. Expert teacher trainers must enhance experience in all spheres of academics and must know how to handle different class sizes, types of students, types of courses, materials, teaching context, and so on. Many teacher trainers, mentors, educators, no matter how different work environments they belong to, find they are all deeply involved with certain core tasks such as helping teachers with lesson planning; observing teachers at work; giving feedback on observed lessons; and supporting teachers while they process new knowledge and experience different ways of teaching methodologies.