ISBN 9788132106517,Tremors of ViolenceMuslim Survivors of Ethnic Strife in Western India

Tremors of ViolenceMuslim Survivors of Ethnic Strife in Western India



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Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788132106517

ISBN-10 8132106512

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Number of Pages 340 Pages
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The Global Economic Crisis through an Indian Looking Glass is about the onset and unfolding of the global financial crisis and the great recession of 2008?2009, tracing its origin and causes, dimensions and impact, policy responses, lessons and the way forward from an Indian perspective. A significant feature of the book is the analysis of the four facets of the crisis: (i) genesis, (ii) impact on the world and India, (iii) the response, and (iv) the aftermath. The objective is to capture the specific aspects of the onset of the crisis and the policy responses, with particular emphasis on the sequencing thereof. The authors underscore the gaps in the international financial architecture that allow the recurrence of crises with global ramifications and emphasize the importance of cooperation, coordination and collective action to secure and sustain macroeconomic and financial stability across the globe. The book is a testament to the powerful values of global interconnectedness. Table of Contents Foreword C RANGARAJAN Preface Introduction Origin of the Crisis Proximate Causes of the Crisis Impact of the Crisis Impact on India The Policy Response Lessons from the Crisis and the Way Forward Annexure I: Causes of the Financial Crisis Annexure II: The Global Financial Crisis: A Chronology of Major Events (2007?July 2010) References Index?