ISBN 9788184121780,Trigonometry With Applications

Trigonometry With Applications



Asian Books Private Ltd

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788184121780

ISBN-10 8184121784


Number of Pages 200 Pages
Language (English)


Trigonometry with Applications focuses on teaching essentials of trigonometry. This text book is designed and written to help students who make transition from algebra to pre-calculus. This text is intended for students in mathematics, physics, and engineering at the junior undergraduate level. The necessary theoretical concepts and proofs are illustrated with practical applications. We give sufficient applications to motivate and illustrate how trigonometry is used in solving real life applications. This book is streamlined to provide worked out examples to help students to drill on their own.

This text book contains five chapters covering various aspects of trigonometry. Basic definitions of trigonometric functions are presented in chapter one using the unit circle approach and the right triangle approach. Chapter two discusses how to graph trigonometric functions and use these functions in simple real applications. Fundamental identities, sum and difference formulas, multiple-angle formulas, and trigonometric equations are the topics of chapter three. Chapter four presents the laws of sine and cosine, and more complex real life applications of trigonometric functions. Polar co-ordinates, complex numbers and DeMoivre's theorem are covered in the last chapter. Exercises are divided into three parts. Part I and Part II may be used for quick responses from the students in the form of quizzes.