ISBN 9781107696990,Tropical Geomorphology

Tropical Geomorphology



Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781107696990

ISBN-10 1107696992

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Number of Pages 400 Pages
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Although similar geomorphic processes take place in other regions, in the tropics these processes operate at different rates and with varying intensities. Tropical geomorphology therefore provides many new discoveries regarding geomorphic processes. This textbook describes both the humid and arid tropics. It provides thoroughly up-to-date concepts and relevant case studies, and emphasises the importance of geomorphology in the management and sustainable development of the tropical environment, including climate change scenarios. The text is supported by a large number of illustrations, including satellite images. Student exercises accompany each chapter. Tropical Geomorphology is an ideal textbook for any course on tropical geomorphology or the tropical environment, and is also invaluable as a reference text for researchers and environmental managers in the tropics.

Table of Contents

Part I. The Tropical Environment:

1. Geomorphology and the tropics
2. Geological framework of tropical lands
3. Tropical hydrology
4. Land cover in the tropics

Part II. Tropical Geomorphology:

5. Weathering in the tropics
6. Tropical slopes: form and function
7. Rivers in the tropics
8. Alluvial valleys
9. Large tropical rivers
10. The tropical coast
11. Tropical deltas
12. The arid tropics
13. Tropical highlands
14. Volcanic landforms
15. Tropical karst
16. Quaternary in the tropics

Part III. Anthropogenic Changes:

17. Anthropogenic alteration of geomorphic processes in the tropics
18. Urban geomorphology in the tropics
19. The future with climate change