ISBN 9788122314113,True Love Desire: ...No Conditions Applied

True Love Desire: ...No Conditions Applied


Pustak Mahal



Pustak Mahal

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788122314113

ISBN-10 8122314112

Paper Back

Number of Pages 224 Pages
Language (English)

Fantasy romance

When desire challenges destiny, destiny retorts it back. And by the time someone comprehends it, all the attempts of depicting true-love gets ruled out by the merciless fate.
Vikrant Oberoi, who is oscillating within the orbit of his cryptic past, travels all the way to India, in search for a true soul mate. And when he finally meets her, they realize that love is the prophesied abbreviation of pain. They fought back but only to gain disappointment. They complained but only to remain unheard from the divine. They even wailed but only to be suppressed by the screeching trysts of destiny. And when everything was in their favour, death made life its slave, whereas nightmares brutally copulated with dreams and eventually love has to pay for it all.

True Love Desire conditions applied!!! is a tale of love, life and friendship in a world where cruelty is the only blessing offered by fate to the former. Is it a curse to live alone or a compliment to be mystically together? Are you ready to confront with the deceptive reality