ISBN 9788183520836,Trust Me, It'Ll Work

Trust Me, It'Ll Work


Mohit Naryani



Mahaveer Publishers

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788183520836

ISBN-10 8183520839


Number of Pages 244 Pages
Language (English)


If you really want to kill yourself, don't get drunk before that. However badly you decide, you can't fight your own destiny (sure you can deal with it, especially when girls around are fighting for liquor). If you want to kill your sweet girlfriend?s insane best friend, don't wait up for the break up; chances are that you could get stuck with both. You might be obsessed with finding out a reason to why you broke up with someone, especially when they come in front of you in minimal clothing. Sometimes life doesn't give you what you deserve, but not in the case of Rahul. In his case it happens only all the time, be it his bright future in the field or a romantic linkup with an angel!! And in those desperate times he is left with no choice but to lend his soul to the Satan, Teesha aka Tish (of course, in human form). Will they be able to overcome an overprotective Dad and a hot-shot businessman? Find out what all Rahul has to go through to get his true love via the cynicism of Tish.