ISBN 9788178294704,Truth



Nadia Tazi


Sage Vistaar



Sage Vistaar

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788178294704

ISBN-10 8178294702


Number of Pages 172 Pages
Language (English)


The Keywords Series is based on a simple yet unique idea. It brings together scholars from six regions of the world representing different disciplines, each of whom explores the meanings and nuances of certain universal concepts writing from their own socio-cultural specificities and historical settings. These books, therefore, present the diversity of cultural traditions in an era characterized by the homogenizing effects of globalization. The Series currently comprises four books dealing respectively with Truth, Gender, Identity and Experience. Each of these concepts is widely used in daily discourse but most of us are unclear about their philosophical and cultural roots; and we are even more unaware of how these same key concepts are viewed in other societies. Designed, therefore, to foster an inter-cultural dialogue, these absorbing books present multiple understandings of concepts that are key to our understanding of the human condition. In short, they are required reading for all those who see themselves as informed citizens of the world. Table of Contents Series Preface from Africa Truth? The View from South Africa?s Truth and Reconciliation Commission DEBORAH POSEL from America American Thought about Truth DOUGLAS PATTERSON from the Arab World Assent and the Truth in the Medieval Arabic Philosophical Tradition ALI BENMAKHALOUF from China On Zhen YANG GUO-RONG from Europe Truth in France BERTRAND OGILVIE from IndiaTruth in Indian Traditions GANESH DEVY

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