ISBN 9788129112514,Twilight In Delhi

Twilight In Delhi


Ahmed Ali


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788129112514

ISBN-10 8129112515


Number of Pages 794 Pages
Language (English)

General & world history

ht In Delhi: A Novel, and mainly his youngest son, Asghar. There is much talk of how he is a wayward person, and his character is rather volatile. Asghar's marriage is also described at length. Twilight In Delhi: A Novel recounts the Delhi of old with vivid imagery, evoking memories of a city steeped in old-school architecture and winding streets full of bazaars. The book effectively captures the highlights of the British rule at that point, including memorable occasions like the coronation of King George V as the official Emperor of India. Twilight In Delhi: A Novel is mostly written in pensive mood, with Nihal recalling a number of atrocities perpetrated by the British government. Through the characters and dialogue, Ahmed Ali subtly calls for Indian independence. Whether talking about the Home Rule movement or the Sepoy Mutiny, or describing the pre-independence Delhi or the idiosyncrasies of a child, Nihal's recollections are poignant and nostalgic. Twilight In Delhi: A Novel is a tribute to India's strength and endurance. About Ahmed Ali Ahmed Ali was a translator, poet, critic, and diplomat. A few of his works include Angare, Maut Se Pehle, and Hamari Gali. Ahmed Ali was born in Delhi in 1910. He studied in the Aligarh Muslim University and Lucknow University, completing his B.A. with a first class, and, in fact, standing first in the order of merit. He then became a professor at the Bengal Senior Educational Service, before finally becoming the Head of the English Department at the Presidency College, Calcutta. Ahmed Ali was very interested in Sufism and especially the works by the poet Ghalib. He co-founded the All-India Progressive Writers' Movement and Association.