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Uml 2 Toolkit



Wiley India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788126504664

ISBN-10 8126504668


Number of Pages 531 Pages
Language (English)

Computer Engineering

This book is revised with over 60% new material while retaining the features that readers have enjoyed--Java focus, case studies, visual UML glossary. The text includes the necessary updates corresponding to the new release as well as in depth coverage of the 20% of UML that most developers really use. It comes equipped with a CD-ROM that contain all of the UML models, Java code, and links to related tools such as Rational XDE, Visio, and Together.

Key Features
Revision of bestselling UML book (UML Toolkit, 0471-191612, 47,577 copies sold)
UML 2.0 represents a massive update to the UML specification; the second edition is more than 60% updated
Book follows popular format of first edition, with in-depth examples of best practices and pitfalls to avoid
CD-ROM provides UML models, Java code, which readers can use to jump start their own projects

About The Author
Hans-Erik Eriksson is CEO of OpenTraining. Magnus and Hans-Erik have together published several books, "UML Toolkit" and "Business Modeling with UML" amongst them.

Magnus Penker is COO of OpenTraining. Penker was previously the CEO of the Adera, a subsidiary of Astrakan Strategisk Utbildning. With over 10 years of experience of working as a teacher, project manager and management consultant in object orientation, business development and strategy he co-founded Open Training in the late summer of 1999.

Brian Lyons is Chairman and founder of Number Six Software, Inc., a Washington D.C. based software development outsourcing company. Lyons has been a leading expert in object-oriented technology and iterative development techniques since the mid 1980s. Much of his career has been spent as a trainer, product-centered consultant, methodologist, and mentor, but he has always stayed close to the pragmatic issues of the software developer.

David Fado works as a software architect for Number Six Software, Inc., focusing on complex information and financial management systems. Starting in software development with Reuters in the 1990s, Dr. Fado worked on a variety of complicated global projects dealing with financial information. Since that time, he has focused on using UML and development support tools for successful projects.

Table Of Contents
About the OMG
2003 OMG Press Advisory Board
Preface for the Second Edition
About the Authors
What Is UML?
An Overview of UML
Use-Case Modeling
Classes, Objects, and Their Relationships
Dynamic Modeling
Advanced Dynamic Modeling Illustrated by Real-Time Systems
Representing Architecture
Extending UML
Model Driven Architecture
A Process for Using UML
Case Study
Appendix A: Visual Glossary
Appendix B: Glossary
Appendix C: References
Appendix D: What's on the CD-ROM?

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