ISBN 9781607102960,Under the Sea (Fun Facts Puzzle)

Under the Sea (Fun Facts Puzzle)


Jannie Ho


Perseus Books



Perseus Books

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781607102960

ISBN-10 160710296X

Board Books

Language (English)

Knowledge and Learning

It's never hard to get kids to play, especially if they're playing with a bright, colorful puzzle! But wouldn't it be wonderful if they could learn at the same time? With Fun Facts Puzzle: Under the Sea , they can! This exciting puzzle pack contains 48 double-sided pieces. On one side, each piece contains a portion of a full-color illustrated ocean scene. On the other side, kids will find fascinating facts about the water and its creatures. They'll learn how an octopus tastes its food and why crabs walk sideways. They'll find out where a shrimp's heart is located and how much a humpback whale eats. And each time they complete the puzzle, they'll remember more about their favorite fish and other marine life. The double-sided pieces of Fun Facts Puzzle: Under the Sea let kids double their fun?and their knowledge!