ISBN 9788131510100,Understanding Behavioral Finance

Understanding Behavioral Finance


Leo Chartrand


Cengage Learning



Cengage Learning

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788131510100

ISBN-10 8131510107


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)

Engineering & Technology

Now students can learn digital principles with just a basic understanding of electrical circuits! This new book incorporates new CPLD Integrated Circuit technology to teach digital principles. It is designed to allow schools to purchase the affordable Altera laboratory package and immediately begin using it in a lab. Careful attention has been given to present concepts in a systematic and progressive format that creates a positive environment where students can feel confident about what they are doing and learning. Within the 20 labs, there are 16 that teach digital fundamental concepts and apply these concepts in experiments. The last 4 labs are design projects that test a student's ability to apply the learned knowledge. A CD-ROM is included that contains animated PowerPoint presentations that students can utilize to review digital concepts as well as VHDL code.

Key Features
Using CPLD technology reduces the wiring complexity and allows students to concentrate solely on digital principles, making it feasible for younger, less experienced students and hobbyists to study digital concepts
Instructors will be able to manage a larger lab group using this book because the new technology it incorporates is simpler to analyze
The Instructor's Manual on CD-ROM includes solutions to all lab designs and lab questions, student progress tracking sheets, lab group progress report forms, additional questions, and two sample tests; instruction for how to set up and protect the Altera UP board in the lab is also included

About The Author
Mr. Chartrand holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Queen's university in Kingston Ontario. He has been teaching digital courses for 20 years at Niagara College in Welland , Ontario. Mr. Chartrand has made industry contributions with various designs including interfacing an infrared camera to a PC, creating a digital circuit board used as a PC training system, and designing a control pendant for an air-filled medical bed. He also worked as a plant engineer for General Motors.

Table Of Contents
Lab 01: Binary numbers, UP-1 switches, and Up-1 LED's
Lab 02: Logic gate fundamentals
Lab 03:Vending Machine System
Lab 04: Serial Data Control Systems
Lab 05: VHDL Vending Machine System
Lab 06: VHDL Sound Meter
Lab 07: Converting an older IC technology drill machine system to VHDL
Lab 08: SR Flip Flop Fundamentals
Lab 09: D Flip Flops, Shift Registers and Switch Bounce
Lab 10: Serial Data Transfer System
Lab 11: Data Registers and Parallel Data Transfer Systems
Lab 12: JK Flip Flop Fundamentals
Lab 13: Binary Counter Systems
Lab 14: Counter Feedback and Cascading Counters
Lab 15: BCD Counters and Frequency Division
Lab 16: VHDL Counters and VHDL Shift Registers
Lab 17: Parking Garage Controller System
Lab 18: VHDL Four Floor Elevator Controller System Lab 19:VHDL Board Game Spinner System
Lab 20:VHDL Traffic Light Controller System