ISBN 9781844830398,Understanding Christianity

Understanding Christianity



Duncan Baird Publishers

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9781844830398

ISBN-10 184483039X


Number of Pages 112 Pages
Language (English)

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The Authoritative Introduction To A Religion That Has Formed The Backbone Of Western Civilization For Two Millennia Christianity, Is The Most Influential Of All Major Religions In Terms Of The Number Of Adherents, With As Many As Two Billion Followers Of Its Many Denominations Found In Every Corner Of The Globe. Understanding Christianity Presents A Fascinating Introduction To This Great Religious Tradition, Covering All Major Aspects - For Example, The Belief In The Trinity Of Father, Son And Holy Spirit; The Centrality Of Jesus The Saviour And Redeemer, And His Teachings Of Love And Forgiveness; The Roman Catholic Tradition, With Its Pope And Seven Sacraments; And The Many Protestant Traditions, Which Look To The Bible As Their Primary Authority. Understanding Christianity Explores And Explains The Development Of Christian Diversity, Examining The Fundamental Religious Principals Of The Faith And How These Have Evolved Over Two Millennia. Specific Topics Covered Include: The Biblical Canon And The New Testament Gospels; The Work Of Various Scholastic Theologians, Such As Thomas Aquinas; The Divisions Between Roman And Orthodox Churches; Monasticism, Mystics, Martyrs, Saints And Angels; The Reformation And Counter-Reformation; The Virgin Mary; And The Celebrations Of Baptism, The Eucharist And The Major Festivals Of The Liturgical Calendar.