ISBN 9780199451890,Understanding Human Communication

Understanding Human Communication



Oxford University Press

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9780199451890

ISBN-10 0199451893


Edition 10th
Number of Pages 496 Pages
Language (English)

Communication studies

Designed for hybrid courses of interpersonal communication and public address, Understanding Human Communication's unique approach offers a balance of theory and skills. This classic text has been streamlined and updated to reflect the latest research developments and to meet the evolving needs of students. It begins with an introduction to the basic elements of communication, providing students with a solid understanding of perception, through lively sections on interpersonal communication, small group communication and public address. The authors speak to students in language that is both engaging and accessible, offering numerous examples that clearly illustrate concepts in real-life scenarios. Throughout, they draw from the latest media, culture, technology and scholarship to create a distinctive pedagogy that gives students the tools they need to master this intriguing and relevant subject.
Table of Contents
Part One Elements of Communication
Chapter 1: Human Communication - What and Why
Chapter 2: The Self, Perception and Communication
Chapter 3: Language
Chapter 4: Listening
Chapter 5: Nonverbal Communication

Part Two Interpersonal Communication
Chapter 6: Understanding Interpersonal Relationships
Chapter 7: Improving Interpersonal Relationships

Part Three Communication In Groups
Chapter 8: The Nature of Groups
Chapter 9: Solving Problems in Groups

Part Four Public Communication
Chapter 10: Choosing and Developing a Topic
Chapter 11: Organization and Support
Chapter 12: Presenting Your Message
Chapter 13: Informative Speaking
Chapter 14: Persuasive Speaking