ISBN 9788181283306,Understanding Materials Science : History, Properties, Applications

Understanding Materials Science : History, Properties, Applications



Springer Publishing Company

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788181283306

ISBN-10 8181283309

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Number of Pages 472 Pages
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Materials science

About the Book :- This introduction to materials science for engineers examines not only the physical and engineering properties of materials, but also their history, uses, development, and some of the implications of resource depletion, materials substitutions, and so forth. Topics covered include: the stone, copper, bronze, and iron ages; physical properties of metals, ceramics, and plastics; electrical and magnetic properties of metals, semiconductors, and insulators; band structure of metals; metallurgy of iron. This new edition includes new developments in the last five years, updated graphs and other dated information and references. Contents :- Preface .- Part I: Mechanical Properties of Materials: The First Materials (Stone Age and Copper-Stone Age). Fundamental Mechanical Properties of Materials. Mechanisms. The Bronze Age. Alloys and Compounds. Atoms in Motion. The Iron Age. Iron and Steel. Degradations of Materials (Corrosion).- Part II: Electronic Properties of Materials: The Age of Electronic Materials. Electronic Properties of Materials. Magnetic Properties of Materials. Optical Properties of Materials. Thermal Properties of Materials.- Part III: Materials and the World: No Ceramics Age? From Natural Fibers to Man-Made Plastics. Gold. Economic and Environmental Considerations. What Does the Future Hold? - Appendices.- Index.