ISBN 9788176569118,Understanding Oracle

Understanding Oracle


Ivan Bayross


BPB Publications



BPB Publications


ISBN 9788176569118

ISBN-10 8176569119


Number of Pages 419 Pages
Language (English)


Understanding Oracle teaches the Oracle in any easy and interactive way and can be used as a reference book as well as a self-study guide to learn and master SQL and PL/SQL concepts and their implementation. It clearly discusses the RDBMS concepts and their implementation in Oracle. It teaches Oracle from the beginner?s level that can be understood by novices. It requires no previous knowledge of any RDBMS. The book provides examples that help in understanding the concepts and information about integrity constraints in Oracle.

It also provides in-depth discussion in PL/SQL programming and its implementation. It discusses object-oriented design of Oracle and implements various database objects, such as table, views, packages, functions, procedures, triggers, synonyms and sequences. It explains the installation of Oracle 9i Server and Client. The book has interesting exercises to test the theoretical as well as practical knowledge. It is accompanied by a CD that contains the source codes of programs in the chapters as well as in the exercises.

The Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Oracle and RDBMS

  • Introduction to SQL

  • DDL and DML Statements

  • Views in Oracle

  • Understanding DCL and TCL Statements

  • PL/SQL Programming

  • Exception Handling in Oracle