ISBN 9780323023689,Understanding Pathophysiology

Understanding Pathophysiology




Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9780323023689

ISBN-10 0323023681


Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 1264 Pages
Language (English)

Engineering graphics & technical drawing

Understanding Pathophysiology provides students with the basic concepts of pathophysiology and explains the processes of specific diseases in an easy-to-read, consistent format. The most current information on the mechanisms, manifestations, and treatments of disease are clearly and concisely presented. Accessible writing, numerous illustrations in full-color, and complete and separate treatment of pediatric pathophysiology are the hallmarks of this popular and respected text. The new third edition features extensively revised and updated content and an enhanced art program.

The book is divided into two parts. Part One presents the general principles of pathophysiology, including cell injury and repair; genetics; fluids and electrolytes, acids and bases; immunity, inflammation, and infection; stress; and cancer. Part Two is organized by body system, and for each system it covers normal anatomy and physiology, alterations of function in adults, and alterations of function in children.
Complete but concise coverage provides a thorough discussion of general pathophysiology and specific disease processes.
Outstanding full-color art program illustrates normal anatomy and physiology, disease processes, and clinical manifestations of disease.
Pediatric content is presented in 9 separate chapters to provide thorough coverage of how disease processes specifically affect children.
Health Alert boxes present brief discussions of new research, diagnostic studies, preventative care, treatments, or other developments related to health or specific diseases.
Quick Check questions appear at the end of major sections of text and are designed to promote critical thinking. Suggested answers to the questions are found on the CD companion included with the text.
Risk Factor boxes illustrate how certain risk factors are associated with specific diseases.
Did You Understand? chapter summaries provide students with a comprehensive review of the major concepts presented in each chapter.
Aging content is identified with a special icon within the adult chapters.
Algorithms are used throughout the text to illustrate normal and compensatory physiology and pathophysiology.
Key terms are boldface in text and listed with page numbers at the end of each chapter for easy reference and chapter review.
Approximately 250 new full-color drawings have been added.
An Introduction to Pathophysiology included in the front matter defines pathophysiology - and related terms such as etiology and epidemiology - and explains why it is important.
Extensive updates, based on the most current research, have been made throughout the book.
To reflect the latest developments, the Biology of Cancer chapter has been completely rewritten.
Several chapters, including Fluids and Electrolytes, Acids and Bases and Alterations of the Reproductive Systems have been extensively edited.