ISBN 9788176354639,Understanding Soap

Understanding Soap








Publication Year 2000

ISBN 9788176354639

ISBN-10 8176354635


Number of Pages 514 Pages
Language (English)

Computer And Internet

From the Publisher: Understanding SOAP begins with a discussion of distributed object computing, reviewing the current technologies. It then discusses the realities that make distributed object computing so difficult. Given these realities, the book provides a case study of a current technology to show why it is so difficult to distribute objects and why a protocol, such as SOAP, is such an important topic. An in-depth example gives you a working scenario of what is involved with distributed object computing and SOAP. Finally, the book discusses the future of SOAP, to include language binding and system integration. This book provides you with an accelerated approach to understanding how XML applies to distributed systems, specifically using the SOAP protocol. Table of Contents Introduction. 1. Essential SOAP: A Comparison of SOAP to Existing Distributed Object Technologies. 2. SOAP and XML: The Foundation of SOAP. 3. Distributed Objects and XML: The Road to SOAP. 4. SOAP and Data: Protocol Transports. 5. SOAP and Data: The XML Payload. 6. SOAP and Data: Data Types. 7. SOAP and Communications: Invoking Remote Methods. 8. SOAP: BizTalk and the SOAP Toolkit. 9. The Future of SOAP. 10. Implementing SOAP: The COM Language Binding. Summary. Appendixes. A. The SOAP 1.1 Specification. B. Resources. C. A Look into Late-Breaking Technoligies That Support SOAP. Index.