ISBN 9789380032481,Unleashing Genius

Unleashing Genius



Westland Publications

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9789380032481

ISBN-10 938003248X


Number of Pages 512 Pages
Language (English)

Society & culture: general

This book offers you some raw materials to enhance your life. Leading through learning depends upon a special kind of ignorance ...that of never knowing what you can't do! Develop this quality; it will be a faithful companion in your quest for the best. To know about is never enough; you must be! Be a seeker, not a blind believer. Search, enquire, experiment, and march forth boldly into the future. Mistakes, mishaps, and misfor- tunes will come your way; treat them as opportunities for discovering who you are. They are a gift from the Universe, designed to help us grow. I am grateful that the magic within has come my way. With great pleasure, I now pass it on to you, dear Reader! Enjoy, and Unleash Your Genius! About The Author DILIP MUKERJEA is Owner and Managing Director of Braindancing International and Buzan Centre Singapore Pte Ltd, Organisations specifically dedicated toadvancing human performance across multiple domains. He has been publicly acclaimed as phenomenally creative and easily one of the world?s top ten Master Mind Mappers by Tony Buzan himself. Dilip Mukerjea also focuses on writing interactive books that address ?brain skills for the 21st century,? His best-selling works, Superbrain, Brainfinity and Braindancing, have gone into several re-prints since initial release. Building Brainpower, and Unleashing Genius are the latest in The Creative Brain Series, a range of books that is becoming a distinct brand in the world of accelerated learning and personal development.