ISBN 9781578512614,Unleashing the Killer App

Unleashing the Killer App



Harvard Universal Press

Publication Year 2000

ISBN 9781578512614

ISBN-10 1578512611

Paper Back

Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 241 Pages
Language (English)


When technologies, products, and services converge in radical, creative new ways, a killer app can emerge-a new application so powerful that it transforms industries, redefines markets, and annihilates the competition. Companies large and are swiftly attempting to remake themselves into organizations that nurture killer apps and successfully translate their digital strategy into market dominance.

With Unleashing the Killer App, Downes and Mui offer a progressive guide to transforming your company into a place where killer apps are born. Drawing from their experience and research with leading global businesses, the authors:
Identify the twelve fundamental design principles for building killer appsIllustrate these principles with classic stories from history and examples from a wide range of industries that have successfully developed killer appsExamine the economic consequences of the diminishing transaction costs in cyberspaceDescribe how to integrate digital strategy into an organization's planning process to create new markets, form new customer relationships, and change the product line

Unleashing the Killer App provides the tools, the techniques, and the proof that you need to incubate-perhaps even release-the killer app within your organization