ISBN 9780070621046,Unleashing The Knowledge Force

Unleashing The Knowledge Force



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780070621046

ISBN-10 0070621047


Number of Pages 171 Pages
Language (English)


Knowledge Management is seen as an important tool for winning competitive battles in an increasingly difficult business environment. Using knowledge and managing it well can become the key differentiator in an organization?s quest for survival and growth. Unleashing the Knowledge Force traces the impact of knowledge force in the early stages of a business and throws light on the different frameworks of knowledge force relevant to businesses. Further it presents a new Knowledge Management Maturity Model (KMMM) for describing different stages of knowledge maturity in keeping with the phase of business growth. The applicability of the model across various industry sectors is also discussed. The authors of this work, who have researched multiple sectors of the economy including IT services export industry, have addressed the needs of CXOs, line managers, academicians and students of knowledge management in their articulation of the concepts of Knowledge Force and the Knowledge Management Maturity Model. Table of content :- 1. Success in the Knowledge Economy 2. The Journey of Start-up IT Firms 3. Role of Knowledge Force 4. Knowledge Force and Business Success 5. Knowledge Force Frameworks for IT Service Firms 6. The Progression of the Indian IT Industry and the Scope for Knowledge Management Maturity Model 7. Implications of Knowledge Management Maturity Model for the Software Industry 8. Putting KFF and KMM to Work: Some Practical Insights