ISBN 9780070707146,Unlocking The Human Capital To Drive Performance : A Ceo Handbook

Unlocking The Human Capital To Drive Performance : A Ceo Handbook



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780070707146

ISBN-10 0070707146


Number of Pages 142 Pages
Language (English)


Human Capital has been clearly identified as a key differentiator between the high performance organizations and others. It is truly believed that unlocking human capital will be the biggest competitive edge for any organization in the next decade. The book is clearly intended to help top management make insightful people-related decisions. It is full of pragmatic ideas presented in a simple, readable style that any CEO and HR practitioner will find useful. TABLE OF CONTENTS Part-I: Strategic Imperatives 1. The Board and Human Capital 2. Have CEOs Turned into HR Managers? 3. The Never-Ending Challenge of 3. Work-Life Balance 4. The Real HR Stuff for CEOs 5. Structure and Musical Chairs---For Whom did the Music Stop? 6. Restructuring and Living to Tell the Story 7. Driving Enterprise Performance 8. Driving Individual Performance 9. Identify and Take Care of the Rock Stars! 10. A Stock Option Program that Works 11. Dealing with Cultural Diversity--A Unique Middle East Challenge 12. Strategic Project Management 13. Role of the Strategy Management Office 14. It is Lonely at the Top 15. HR Management in Family Businesses 16. HR Challenges in a Merger Situation Part-II: Operational Stuff 17. An HR Department that Works! 18. Developing an HR Scorecard 19. Can Manpower Planning Work? 20. Innovative Fix for Hiring Challenges 21. Mentoring--Does It Sound Greek? 22. The Nightmare Called Training 23. I Just Called to Say Hello! 24. Taking Care of Happy Campers 25. Having a Great Off-site 26. Employee Ethics and Responsibilities 27. Setting up Your Firm's Oscars 28. Effective Sales Force Compensation 29. Managing Employee Exits