ISBN 9789380480909,Unstuck: Your Guide To The Seven-Stage Journey Out OfNdepression

Unstuck: Your Guide To The Seven-Stage Journey Out OfNdepression


James Gordon


Hay House India



Hay House India

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789380480909

ISBN-10 9380480903


Number of Pages 448 Pages
Language (English)

Educational: English language: readers & reading schemes

A no-pill prescription to freedom from depression using a proven collection of techniques Despite the billions spent on prescription anti-depressant drugs and psychotherapy, people everywhere continue to grapple with depression. James Gordon, one of the United States' most respected psychiatrists, now offers a practical and effective way to get unstuck. Drawing on 40 years of pioneering work, Unstuck provides a simple seven-stage programme for relief through: ? Food and nutritional supplements ? Chinese medicine ? Movement, exercise and dance ? psychotherapy ? meditation and guided imagery ? Spiritual practice Using these techniques, you'll discover your won path to permanent freedom from depression. With a fantastic collection of resources that provide accurate and specific information on how to plan your journey away from depression, Unstuck is incredibly thoughtful, practical and meditative guide to making depression a thing of the past.