ISBN 9788121211970,Untouchable Chandals Of India The Democratic Movement

Untouchable Chandals Of India The Democratic Movement


S. K. Biswas



Gyan Publishing House

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788121211970

ISBN-10 8121211972

Hard Back

Number of Pages 400 Pages
Language (English)

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About the Book This is a thrilling tale of changing of political structure and imparting social democracy in a country with very ancient heritage of orthodoxy with anti-democratic, anti-national and anti-human character that marched through the bumpy paths of traditional hurdles and difficult process of democratization initiated by the British Bureaucratic Democracy soon after the destruction of Paris Commune in Europe in 1871. The process started in the epicenter called Calcutta, the capital of British India till 1912. This is a tale of the rise of liberation movement of the Untouchables and the Sudras; its fall and restarting again under the colonial rule in India. It narrates the untold tales of the historical and pioneering democratic movements of the untouchable Chandals of Eastern India who formed the immense majority and the lowest stratum of the society. The audacious hope of the Divine Slaves, the hereditary subject classes of the Hindu social system, poorest of the poor, devoid of human status, education and experience in the governance for becoming Kings and Rulers in the Parliamentary Democracy posed a tremendous threat for the Hereditary Ruling Classes of India. The saga of this modern movement and cry for equal political rights to have proportional representation in the instrumentalities of the state i. e. Legislature, Executive and Judiciary eventually took a pathetic turn to ugly hatred between communities. The creamy-layer-ruling classes, foreign and Indian combine eventually pushed the country towards partition and declare the unfortunate untouchables and tribes of Eastern and Western India foreign nationals.