ISBN 9789382025382,Up from Slavery The Autobiography of Booker

Up from Slavery The Autobiography of Booker


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Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789382025382

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Number of Pages 285 Pages
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Historically acknowledged as one of America's most powerful and persuasive orators, Booker T. Washington consistently challenged the forces of racial prejudice at a time when such behavior from a black man was unheard-of. While his stance on the separation of the races would become controversial, he worked tirelessly to convince blacks to work together as one people in order to improve their lives and the future at their race. Up from Slavery is the dramatic autobiography account of how one man stood fast against the social and ideological bias prevalent in his day. It tells the story of Washington's unique American experience-a struggle that the began as a slave and never gave up. Spanning from his fight for education through his founding of the world-renowned Tuskegee Institute. Washington's Up from Slavery remains one of the most significant and defining works in American Literature.
Up from Slavery features in the reading-list recommended by the CBSE.
Table of Contents
Introduction by Walter H. Page
Biography of Booker T. Washington
Summary & Theme of Up From Slavery
Character-Sketch of Up From Slavery
Chronology of Booker T. Washington's Life
A Slave Among Slaves
Boyhood Days
The Struggle for an Education
Helping Others
The Reconstruction Period
Black Race and Red Race
Early Days at Tuskegee
Teaching School in a Stable and a Hen-House
Anxious Days and Sleepless Night's
A Harder Task Than Making Bricks without Straw
Making Their Beds Before They Could Lie on Them
Raising Money
Two Thousand Miles for a Five-Minute Speech
The Atlanta Exposition Address
The Secret of Success in Public Speaking
Last Words