ISBN 9788126900879,Urban Sociology

Urban Sociology



Atlantic Publishers & Distributors Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9788126900879

ISBN-10 8126900873


Number of Pages 360 Pages
Language (English)

The book provides the readers a clear picture about the definition, origin, scope, value and methods of Urban Sociology in simple, plain and lucid language. The book deals with issues like origin and growth of cities, the process of urban development, urban social theories, characteristics of urban society, types of cities, urban ecology, the urban family, cultural, social and political aspect of urban life, urbanisation and industrialisation and its consequencies, overcrowding and other problems, juvenile delinquency, urban alcoholism and drug addiction, urban stratification, status and mobility, problem of beggary, poverty, unemployment, transport and traffic, labour problems, housing and slums and urban social welfare in India. The last three Chapters i.e., Urban Outlook and Social Change, Urban Planning and Community Organisation have been beautifully explained.

The book would be of great value for the students as well as the teachers. Even laymen would enjoy reading the book because of its simple style.

About the Author
Professor N. Jayapalan
 of Government Arts College, Karur (Tamil Nadu) did his post-graduation in History from Pachaiyappa’s College, Chennai (Madras University). Later, he did his post-graduation in Political Science from the same University. He got his M.Phil. from the Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirapalli.
He has participated in a number of seminars connected with Indian History, Political Science and Sociology. He has written more than hundred books, on History, Political Science and Sociology. He is one of the most popular authors in Tamil Nadu.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Urban Sociology
2. Urbanization and Urban Growth
3. Some Related Concepts : Urbanism, Urban Ecology and Urban Personality
4. Theories of Urbanization
5. Types of Cities
6. Rural Urban Contrast
7. The Urban Family
8. Urban Culture
9. Urban Society
10. Urban Politics
11. Industrialization and the City
12. Urban Disorganization
13. Corruption in Public Life
14. Urban Problems : Over-Crowding
15. Problems of Housing
16. Urban Crime
17. Urban Juvenile Delinquency
18. Urban White Collar Crime
19. Urban Prostitution
20. Urban Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
21. Urban Suicide
22. Urban Beggary
23. Urban Poverty
24. Urban Unemployment
25. Urban Labour Problems
26. Urban Outlook and Social Change
27. Urban Planning and Slums
28. Welfare of Urban Backward Classes