ISBN 9788178299327,Urban Villager : Life in an Indian satellite town

Urban Villager : Life in an Indian satellite town


Mohan Thite


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SAGE Response

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788178299327

ISBN-10 8178299321


Number of Pages 340 Pages
Language (English)


India, often referred to as the ?electronic housekeeper of the world?, is home to the largest number of offshored call centres. This makes it very important to understand how BPO providers in India manage their human resources. The key message from recent empirical studies on Indian call centres/BPO is that human resources are at once the greatest strength and the greatest challenge confronting this new industry. Many of these studies are, however, based more on polemics and managerial rhetoric as opposed to the systematic empirical investigation of the employment relationship. This first-of-its-kind compilation intends to fill this vital gap by advancing evidence-based understandings of the issues, challenges and strategies confronting human resource management (HRM) in the Indian call centre/BPO sector. It features empirical research and conceptual advances, presented by well-known academics, researchers and practitioners from around the world and captures the voices of key stakeholders. Apart from presenting a front-line picture of employment relations and HRM in India, this book also provides the stakeholders? perspectives by focusing on the motives, strategic opportunities and constraints confronting management practitioners, trade unions and employees. The Next Available Operator: Managing Human Resources in Indian Business Process Outsourcing Industry also investigates the similarities and differences between Indian call centres and those located in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. This volume is a must read for management practitioners, students and academics who seek a comprehensive understanding of HRM in Indian call centres. Table of Contents Introduction MOHAN THITE and BOB RUSSELL I: INDIAN PERSPECTIVES An Overview of the Indian Contact Centre Industry CATRIONA WALLACE Human Resource Management in Indian Call Centres/Business Process Outsourcing MOHAN THITE and BOB RUSSELL Work Processes and Emerging Problems in Indian Call Centres PAWAN BUDHWAR, NEERU MALHOTRA and VIRENDER SINGH Transnationalism in Indian Call Centres KIRAN MIRCHANDANI II: STAKEHOLDER PERSPECTIVES A Practitioner?s Perspective on the Indian Info-services Industry NANDITA GURJAR Union Formation in Indian Call Centres PHIL TAYLOR, PREMILLA D?CRUZ, ERNESTO NORONHA and DORA SCHOLARIOS Outsourcing Careers: Western Theories in an Indian Context LAURIE COHEN, AMAL EL-SAWAD and JOHN ARNOLD III: COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVES Employment Systems in Call Centres in the United States and India ROSEMARY BATT, VIRGINIA DOELLGAST and HYUNJI KWON Managing Work and Employment in Australian and Indian Call Centres BOB RUSSELL and MOHAN THITE Strategic Human Resource Management in Outsourced Call Centres in India and Canada WENDY CARROLL and TERRY WAGAR Index