ISBN 9788132102243,Urbanizing Citizenship : Contested Spaces in Indian Cities

Urbanizing Citizenship : Contested Spaces in Indian Cities


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788132102243

ISBN-10 813210224X

Hard Back

Number of Pages 304 Pages
Language (English)


This collection documents and analyzes, from different angles, the forces and trends that shape contemporary India?s socio-economic reality. The contributors comprise an eclectic group?spiritual leaders, grassroot activists, as well as eminent thinkers from diverse fields like the judiciary, social development, environment, education, contemporary science and art. In contrast to the dominant characterization of a ?Shining India? in recent years, these articles present a complex and multi-dimensional reality, essential for a balanced, objective understanding of the issues that shape today?s India and indeed the world. The Other India: Realities of an Emerging Power focuses on an India far removed from a country of glass and steel high-rises and air-conditioned schools; glistening malls and multiplexes; and fashion shows, Bollywood and T20 cricket. It explores issues like poverty and social justice; the role of religion in society?from inspiring struggles for social justice to instigating terrorism?the dangers of mindless destruction of nature, violation of human rights and the role of social action. Here dispassionate analysis of history and contemporary forces alternate with straight-from-the-heart narratives of grassroot activists. Candid despair shares space with encouraging stories of collective action bringing about real change. This compilation will hold tremendous appeal for the general reader and will serve as an indispensable reference for policy-makers, academics and thinkers working in the fields of sociology, religion, environment, education, human rights, law and justice, development issues and politics. It is a must-read for anyone trying to get a holistic picture of contemporary India?s dynamic society and economy. Table of Contents Foreword by THE DALAI LAMA Preface Introduction RAJESH CHAKRABARTI I: INDIA?SEVEN PORTRAITS India?21st Century Disconnects TAPAN MITRA One Hundred Years of Violence CLAUDE ALVARES Secularism in India?A Minority Perspective ASGHAR ALI ENGINEER The Struggle of an Artist JATIN DAS An Aesthetic of Erasures SADANAND MENON Shaping India`s Agricultural Destiny M S SWAMINATHAN Inclusive Sustainable Development M G K MENON II: FAITH THAT HEALS?RELIGION AND SOCIAL JUSTICE Religion and Social Justice REVEREND VALSON THAMPU Religion in the Quest for Global Justice and Peace SULAK SIVARAKSA III: THE VIOLENCE OF RELIGIOUS IDENTITIES Terrorism?Causes and Remedies SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR From the Age of Anxiety to the Age of Fear ASHIS NANDY Define Terrorism, and You Could Be Targeting Your Own Leaders JAWED NAQVI Justice for Peace?Challenges from Gujarat FATHER CEDRIC PRAKASH IV: NATURE?SUSTAINING THE SUSTAINER Earth Democracy, Living Democracy VANDANA SHIVA Unfair Lands Deals, Unjust Water Grab MEDHA PATKAR V: ACTIONS AND REACTORS IN WAR AND PEACE Peace?Imperative for South Asia Admiral L RAMDAS Nuclear Energy?Hardly an Unmixed Blessing SANDEEP PANDEY VI: JUSTICE Caste?A Persistent Mind Disease UDIT RAJ The Buddha and the Caste System ACHARYA SATYA NARAYAN GOENKA The Human Price of Flawed Development SURENDRA MOHAN Unorganized Sector Labour?A Reality Check ARJUN SENGUPTA The Extent of Bonded Labour in India DEBABRATA BANDYOPADHYAY On Human Rights Justice P N BHAGWATI The Civil Service and the Right to Dissent HARSH MANDER Appointing the Judges Justice V R KRISHNA IYER VII: COLLECTIVE SUCCESS Food from the Courts: The Indian Experience HARSH MANDER Water Harvesting in Arid Rajasthan and Himalayas?A Story of Community Action RAJENDRA SINGH Empowering Women?The SEWA Experience ELA R BHATT