ISBN 9788126909780,USA-Study, Job and Immigration Made Easy

USA-Study, Job and Immigration Made Easy




Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788126909780

ISBN-10 8126909781


Number of Pages 216 Pages
Language (English)

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Subsequent to the heinous attack on the twin towers of World Trade Centre in Sept. 2001, the USA had made stringent regulations for immigrant students and reduced the H1-B job quota. As a result, the students were aiming at alternative destinations like Australia, Canada and European countries. However, the situation has again eased considerably. The US universities have also been holding 'Study Melas' since the last couple of years. The book does not aim to encourage immigration to USA or any other country. It attempts to give necessary guidelines and information to aspiring immigrant students to USA so that immigration to and study and job in that country become possible without much problem. It presents necessary facts and figures, rules and regulations, hints and guidelines, pros and cons, etc. of going to the USA so that the prospective candidates and their parents/guardians or other resource persons can take necessary actions in time. The book has been prepared by author's own experience and knowledge of the related issues, and supplemented with information from many authentic sources. The statistics and figures have been painstakingly collected from various websites of US Citizenship and Immigration Services (US-CIS) of USA,,,, etc. After reading this book, the aspirants need not go to any consultant or advisor for their queries about immigration to and study and do some job in America, as convincing answers to all possible questions have been provided. On the basis of knowledge gained by reading this book, an average student of reasonable intelligence can successfully compete for admission and financial aid without attending any coaching class.