ISBN 9789382536017,Usha Rani : A Tale Of Sense And Sensuality

Usha Rani : A Tale Of Sense And Sensuality



Lifi Publication Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789382536017

ISBN-10 9382536019

Paper Back

Number of Pages 191 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

This controversial, thought-provoking novel, originally written in Telugu, takes a fresh look at the man-woman relationship.

The story is that of an attractive, educated, young woman, Usha Rani, who marries and dreams of spending a wonderful time with her husband. But soon she comes to know that he suffers from nightmares and does not want the two of them to even sleep in the same room. Frustrated with her conjugal life, she takes lovers. She convinces herself that her affairs have only made her a better wife to her husband.

The book, through the characters, decries the double standards in society: one for the man, another for the woman. It is a comment on the changing persona of the modern woman and the hypocrisy in attitudes and perceptions. A man, who insists there should be some regulations in society, rejects those very regulations as a lover. As lover, he says there is nothing wrong in loving a woman who excites him, even if she happens to be someone else's wife... but he wouldn't say the same if he were the husband concerned. Sexually a nonconformist, Usha Rani, realizes that her husband will only have troubles on her account and resolves not to make a mess of his life