ISBN 9788120331167,Value Driven Management : How To Create And Maximize Value Over Time For Organizational Success

Value Driven Management : How To Create And Maximize Value Over Time For Organizational Success



Prentice Hall Of India

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788120331167

ISBN-10 8120331168


Number of Pages 240 Pages
Language (English)


Maximize profits! Create shareholder wealth! These are the values driving many businesses today. Whipped into frenzy by the single-minded pursuit of these goals at any cost, executives, managers, and other employees often end up taking short-term decisions, sacrificing good judgment, value, and ultimately, the very success they are striving to achieve. This unhealthy trend can be reversed with value driven management. Instead of focusing solely on profits or shareholder wealth, value driven management is aimed at creating and sustaining value over time--by recognizing and using eight "value drivers" that the author proposes to guide the organization's leadership, management, and decision-making processes. Value Driven Management, which combines both conceptual and practical aspects, provides the tools to help the organization : Realize that economic value is only one aspect of value, important but not the paramount objective. Synchronize the values of employees with those of the organization. Establish a value-driven culture. Use value-driven management concepts to solve difficult problems. Manage employees' self-development. Increase job satisfaction among all. Table of Contents Preface. Acknowledgments. Part I: Value Creation And Maximization Over Time: Value Driven Management As A Comprehensive Philosophy Of Management 1. Value Creation: There Is No Going Back! 2. Values And Value Creation In The Proactive New Organization. 3. Enlarging And Clarifying The Concept Of Value Over Time. 4. The Underlying Assumptions Of Value Driven Management. Part II: Value Drivers In Action 5. The Creation And Destruction Of Value Over Time: Cases, Examples, And Anecdotes. Part III: Implementing Value Driven Management 6. The Balancing Act: Making Value Driven Management Work In Your Organization. 7. What'S In It For Me? Value Driven Management And Personal Happiness. Epilogue. Appendix A. Appendix B. Index.