ISBN 9788132109020,Values and Influence of Religion in Public Administration

Values and Influence of Religion in Public Administration



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788132109020

ISBN-10 8132109023

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Dr D K Rangnekar was a leading public intellectual marked his presence as the editor of the Economic Times and later the Business Standard. This collection brings together a discerning selection of his writings that are organized across four themes: social and political dimensions of development; international context to India's experiment; planning and budgets; and industrial and economic policy. The writings begin in the early 1960s and end in 1984--at the cusp of radical transformation of India's economic policies and political fabric--thus providing an important handbook of the times. Table of Contents 1. Foreword 2. Preface and Acknowledgements 3. Introduction and Overview: Humanist Economics as Public Reason I: THE POLITICS OF POVERTY- THE SOCIAL CRISIS OF DEVELOPMENT IN INDIA 4. Crisis Today: The Dimming of Hope 5. Politics of Poverty-I: The Deepening Social Crisis 6. Politics of Poverty-II: A Quiet Burial of Ideology 7. The Ritual of Remembering Gandhi 8. Farmers Stir-I: Writing on the Nasik Wall 9. Farmers Stir-II: Changes in Inter-sectorial Price Parity 10. Will the Rains Fill Our Bowls? II: DEPENDENCIES INDEPENDENCE-THE INTERNATIONAL CONTEXT TO INDIAS EXPERIMENT 11. Economic Co-operation 12. North South Divide: An Economic Analysis 13. Today's Controversies-I: Delhi's Attitude to Aid 14. Today's Controversies-II: Fertilizer and Foreign Capital 15. Trade Prospects III: ROPE TRICKS-PLANNING INDIAS DEVELOPMENT 16. The Annual Indian Rope Trick 17. Nehruism and the Second Phase 18. Second Thoughts on Indian Planning 19. To earn or Not to Spend-The Taxing Question IV: INDUSTRIALISING INDIA-FOLLIES AND POLICIES 20. India: The Emerging Industrial Power 21. Crisis Today-I: Failure to Stem Structural Deterioration 22. Crisis Today-II: Anti-inflation Follies 23. Crisis Today-III: IMF Borrowers - Perils of Economic Chaos 24. Industrial Policy 25. Conclusion and Afterword 26. Index