ISBN 9788184823271,Vanar Gathaein

Vanar Gathaein


Meena Talim


Amar Chitra Katha



Amar Chitra Katha

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788184823271

ISBN-10 8184823274


Number of Pages 32 Pages
Language (Hindi)

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Gautama was born a prince, over 2500 years ago in Lumbini, in the northern part of India. He left the comfortable life of the palace, his young wife and infant son, to go in search of true knowledge. After a life of wandering, austerities and meditation, he became Buddha ('the Enlightened one'). Buddha taught compassion, non-violence and the need for right conduct in life. His teachings spread far and wide even outside India, in China and Southeast Asia. In addition to Buddhist canonical literature, some 550 stories called Jataka Tales were also composed for popular instruction with entertainment. Many of them were folk tales modified to Buddha's teachings. The animal characters were often described true to nature. In the Monkey Stories, leader of a monkey troupe is shown to sacrifice his life for saving their lives, or making a reed pipe to get water from a monster's lake. Individual monkeys are also shown shrewd enough to be one-up against smooth-talking enemies.