ISBN 9788178061771,Vedic Mathematics : The Student Taking Competitive Exams

Vedic Mathematics : The Student Taking Competitive Exams


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Unicorn Books

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788178061771

ISBN-10 8178061775


Number of Pages 181 Pages
Language (English)

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Indispensable to students appearing for Competitive Exams.In recent times, a renewed interest in Vedic Mathematics has grown all over the world, as it offers fast-track calculations in a simple way. With a little practice, one can solve tedious mathematical problems such as square roots, cube roots, multiplications and divisions etc. mentally in no time. A special method – Casting out Nines – counter checks all fundamental mathematical operations with ease. About the Author Rajesh Kumar Thakur, a postgraduate in Maths, Operation Research and Education, has been teaching secondary and senior secondary school students for the past twelve years. The charm of numbers made him a lover of mathematics. He has been associated with many prestigious public schools in Delhi, Jharkhand and Rajasthan as a guest teacher of mathematics. He has written several books, and hundreds of his essays/articles have been published in many leading magazines and newspapers all over the country. Table of Contents Introduction to Vedic Mathematics Vedic Sutras Vedic Sub-Sutras ADDITION Introduction, Vedic Sutras for Addition – Ekadhikena Purvena and Sunyanta, Its Meaning and Applications. SUBTRACTION Introduction, Vedic Sutra for Subtraction – Ekadhikena Purvena and Param Mitra, Ekanyuena Purvena and Param Mitra, Its Meaning and Applications, Digit Separator Method for Subtraction. MULTIPLICATION Introduction, Vedic Sutras – Nikhilam Navatascaramam Dasatah, Anurupyena, Ekanyuena Purvena and Urdhva-Tiryak, their Meaning and Applications, Dot and Stick Method of Multiplication, Multiplication of three numbers etc., Multiplication using Napier’s Rods. DIVISION Introduction, Vedic Sutra – Nikhilam, Paravartya Yojayet and Dhwajanka, Their Meaning and Applications. CASTING OUT NINES Introduction, Checking the accuracy of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. SQUARE Introduction, An Interesting Pattern, Relation between Triangular Number and Square Number, Vedic Method for Squaring – Ekadhikena Purvena, Anurupyena, Yavadunam and Duplex Method, Its Meaning and Applications. SQUARE ROOT Introduction, Important Points to Remember, Aryabhatta’s Method to find the Square Root, Fundamental Rules to Extract the Square Root of a Number, Duplex Vedic Method for finding Square Root, Square Root of an Irrational Number. CUBE Introduction, Properties of Cubic Number, Algebraic Method to find the Cube. Different Vedic Sutras – Anurupyena, Nikhilam, Ekadhikena Purvena and Yavadunam, Its Meaning and Applications. CUBE ROOT Introduction, Important Points related to Cube Root, Vedic Method of finding Cube Root of any Number less than 7 digits, Vedic Method to Extract the Cube Root of any Number having 7, 8 or 9 digits. SIMPLE EQUATIONS Introduction, Different Vedic Sutras – Sunyam Samya Samuccaya, Paravartya Yojyet and Anurupye Sunyamanyat, Its Meaning and Applications. ANSWERS Bibliography