ISBN 9788129116390,Vedic Sun Signs

Vedic Sun Signs


Ajai Bhambi


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788129116390

ISBN-10 8129116391


Number of Pages 272 Pages
Language (English)


Did you know that the sun sign you thought was yours may not be? Did you know that the sun sign you have been referring to could be different from the one that really belongs to you, according to your birth chart and Vedic astrology? This book assesses your personality according to Vedic astrology, bringing out the key differences between the Vedic and Western system of astrology, as well as highlighting the role of the twenty-seven nakshatras. Unfolding the personality traits of people from different sun signs, Vedic Sun Signs also brings together, for the first time, the profiles of international celebrities and the journey of their lives, which enables the reader to obtain a deeper clarity and perception of their own nakshatra. This is a must-read for all astrology enthusiasts. About the Author Ajai Bhambi has been practicing astrology for thirty-five years. A law graduate with a master's degree in economics, his mastery of astrology and deep understanding of the practical aspects of life have made him an astrologer of international repute. His accurate predictions about celebrities, countries and events are found in his several books; he also writes for magazines, newspapers and features in many television shows in India.