ISBN 9788179929360,Venture Capital

Venture Capital



Jaico Publishing House

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788179929360

ISBN-10 8179929361


Number of Pages 352 Pages
Language (English)


The venture capital (VC) industry plays an important role in nurturing entrepreneurship and innovation, and its role varies from country to country. This book attempts to compare the VCIs of different countries through the full range of pertinent variables, from business angels at one extereme to investee firms at the other. A wide and realistic picture of the industry's functions is presented. The analysis is based on the four main determinants of the VC industry: sources of financing, institutional infrastructure, exit mechanisms, and entrepreneurship and innovation generators. In addition, the special role of VC financing in the biomaterials industry is explained. Understanding the factors that contribute to the emergence of a successful venture capital industry is important for academics, VC associations, policy-making institutions, government agencies, and investors themselves. How can a country's venture capital infrastructure give it a competitive edge in the global economy? What is the role of VC in the new economy? How have VC industries developed differently in different countries? Are there any lessons for successful VC industry development that can be applied across nations and cultures? How do you measure the maturity of a country's VC industry? The editor and her contributors attempt to answer all these questions, among others. She concludes by offering policy suggestions for countries aiming to establish thriving VC industries of their own.

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