ISBN 9789814561006,Venture Capital : How to Raise Funds for Your Business

Venture Capital : How to Raise Funds for Your Business



Marshall Cavendish International

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789814561006

ISBN-10 9814561002


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)


Everyone wants to become like Mark Zuckerberg. Put in a sweet business proposal, get a venture capital fund to breathe life into it and then start rolling in the billions. The only problem is that less than one per cent will become 'Zuckers' while the rest remain 'Suckers'.
How do you avoid making the mistakes made by the ninety-nine percent that have failed? Is there any hope for a beginner? What are some secret tips and tricks to making it to the top?
Apart from showing you how to succeed, this book will also reveal true stories of how entrepreneurs have failed. Follow the correct strategies and avoid the pitfalls. The book delves straight to the point and brings you into the mindset of a successful venture capitalist, while shaping your experience with notes from real industry insiders.

About the Author
Kaiwen Leong is an economist, entrepreneur, lecturer and academic. A graduate of Princeton University, he is currently Assistant Professor of Economics at Nanyang Technological University. He further consults for many private sector organisations.
Wenyou Tan created and managed a S$200 million fund investing in Singapore-based start-ups and SME enterprises with the Ministry of Trade and Industry. He currently organises corporate training seminars by inviting top executives from MNCs and conducts seminars on Venture Capital and Career Development in Singapore and China.
Elaine Leong graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University. She is currently working in the Investments division of a sovereign wealth fund and also has professional experience in a top multinational bank.