ISBN 9789350844939,Veterinary Helminthology

Veterinary Helminthology


Ashwani Patel


Anmol Publications



Anmol Publications

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789350844939

ISBN-10 9350844931

Hard Back

Number of Pages 290 Pages
Language (English)
In the present book an attempt has been made to combine two viewpoints. In addition, suffcient detail is given to be useful to postgraduate students of biology and veterinary science specializing in helminthology; and to help such students further, a number of selected references have been included at appropriate places in the text. Another feature of the book is the rather extended chapter dealing with most of the routine and some of the specialized methods and techniques used in the study of helminths. It is impreative that the student should be made familiar with the standard techniques by using them himself, studying live material wherever feasible. Students will find references too many such techniques cited at the appropriate places, and every effort has been made to keep these references up-to-date.
About the Author:- 
Dr. Ashwani Patel got his Ph.D. Degree in Animal Science from the Sardarkrushnagar Dantiwada Agricultural University, also known as Gujrat Agricultural Univercity or GAU, India. He has worked on several positions at the same university: Research Associate Professor and Professor, Now, he has been assigned additional duties of Coordinator the mountian area with this university. Having specialized in diverse fields, such as, animal biotechnology, animal husbandry, animal genetics, helminthology, pathology, etc., he has worked on several projects vital for mountian areas' development. He has written fourteen books and numerous research papers and popular articles in national and international journals and magazines.