ISBN 9788187421054,Veterinary Preventive Medicine

Veterinary Preventive Medicine


E G White


Ibdc Publishers



Ibdc Publishers

Publication Year 2000

ISBN 9788187421054

ISBN-10 8187421053

Hard Back

Language (English)

Medicine: general issues

The book deals with the causes of diseases, the ways in which they develop and spread, and the principles of diseases control. The chapters in it give examples of the use of preventive medicine to control diseases of each different types and how factors, other than epidermiological ones, influence diseases control and how control methods are organized in different communities. Finally, it is devoted to the effects of animal diseases on the references are given at the end of each part or chapter; the titles of papers are included so that their content are indicated.

Table Of Contents
PART ONE General Principles
How Disease arises
How diseases spreads
How disease is controlled
PART TWO Examples of the control of different types of disease
Inthrited diseases, deffects and predispositions
Metabolic and hormonal diseses
Behavioural disorders
Diseases caused by non-living agents
Viral diseases
Bacterial diseases
Diseases caused by fungi
Diseases caused by protozoa
Diseases caused by helminths
Diseases caused by arthropods
Human, Climatic and Geographical Factors which Indluence Disease Control
The influence of political, economic social, climatic and egographical factors
The personnel and organizations concerned in disease control
PART FOUR Effects of Animals Disease on Man
Inciddence of disease in domestic animals and economic and other loses it causes
Infection of man with animal diseases Index