ISBN 9780323024723,Virtual Clinical Excursions 2.0 to Accompany Foundations of Nursing

Virtual Clinical Excursions 2.0 to Accompany Foundations of Nursing






Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9780323024723

ISBN-10 0323024726


Edition 4th
Number of Pages 177 Pages
Language (English)

Medicine: general issues

Virtual Clinical Excursions (Phase 2) is a workbook/CD-ROM package that guides the student through a multi-floor virtual hospital in a hands-on learning experience. The student is actively engaged with the workbook, CD-ROM and parent text throughout each lesson. Each lesson has a core textbook reading assignment and activities based on "visiting" the patients in the hospital. The lessons in the workbook complement the content in the textbook and provide a perfect environment in which students may "practice" what they are learning in the text. The multi-floor virtual hospital also has built-in testing of clinical knowledge with NCLEX type questions.

As the student "visits" each patient, they are able to access realistic information resources essential for patient care. Information resources include: charts, medical administration records, electronic patient records, video streaming of patient dialogue with nurses and other related materials. These resources provide an opportunity for the student to assess and analyze information, make a diagnosis, set priorities and implement and evaluate care.
Includes a guided tutorial which shows students how to work with a patient in the virtual hospital ? collect patient data from various sources (reports, charts, medication administration record, short video clips and audio clips of nurse-patient interactions) ? record patient data ? listen to a report and itemize a patient's problems and high-priority concerns ? and sometimes administer medications.
The virtual hospital features a Pediatric Floor, Surgery Floor, Intensive Care Unit, and Medical-Surgical/Telemetry Floor to engage students in the subject matter, allowing them to explore the subject domain and extend their knowledge to related systems.
Requires students to use their critical thinking skills to set priorities for care, collect data, analyze and interpret data, and reach conclusions about complex problems within a health-illness transition.
Encourages active learning and provides opportunities to identify information to collect and process data for evidence-based patient care; work with data entry and retrieval screens; optimize use of available information resources; understand hospital information systems; manage information for decision-making; and maintain and improve core computing skills.
Produced in conjunction with the Virtual Clinical Excursions CD-ROM authors: Jay Shiro Tashiro, PhD, RN, Director of Systems Design, Wolfsong Informatics, Tucson, Arizona; Ellen Sullins, PhD, Director of Research, Wolfsong Informatics, Tucson, Arizona; Gina Long, RN, DNSc, Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing, College of Health Professions, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona
Virtual Clinical Excursions is a hybrid CD so it runs on both Macintosh and Windows platforms.