ISBN 9788176567404,Visual Studio .Net Controls & add-ins

Visual Studio .Net Controls & add-ins


Sonal Mukhi


BPB Publications



BPB Publications

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9788176567404

ISBN-10 817656740X


Number of Pages 324 Pages
Language (English)

Computer Engineering

This book is a scintillating sequel to our previous book named 'Visual Studio.Net - the Basics'. With practiced panache we unfold the fashioning of Windows Forms controls. We also explore the Extensibility option which facilitates customisation and extension of Visual Studio.Net through exploitation of the Add-in options.You may find the contents of this book rather esoteric and arcane if you are not au fait with the C# language and the User Interface aspects of the Framework. to evade such a predicament you would be well advised to familiarise yourself with the absolute basics from our preceding book prior to launching into the contents of this one.This book pores over the concept of Controls and also offers guidelines to create original controls. Theoretical notions are bolstered by sample programs. This book gets underway by acquainting you with the basic structure and methodology of a User Control. Thereafter it delineates the working of the Editor. Issues such as Type Conversion are also alluded to while canvassing the above concepts.