ISBN 9788176565202,Visual Studio.Net With C#

Visual Studio.Net With C#




BPB Publications



BPB Publications

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9788176565202

ISBN-10 8176565202


Language (English)

Computer science

Visual Studio.Net has effected a 'quantum leap' in the world of software programming. It's virtuoso performance and an array of dazzling features, is sure to impress even the most stoic of the readers. Further, this cutting-edge technology, the C# language has been widely accepted by the industry for developing applications.This book is tailored to the needs of those who want to migrate on to Visual Studio.Net. It also offers succour for those who wish to explore the 'behind the scene' activities of the C# language.This book is rampant with illustrations and sample applications, dealing with various features of Visual Studio.Net. We have taken a step-by-step approach, to incrementally scythe through the complexities of this product, and present to you the most vital features, in a filtered form.This book shall serve as the most useful companion, in your quest for knowledge in the world of Visual Studio.Net and C# language.   Contents   Introduction   1. Working with the Framework   2. Building Database Applications   3. Building Web Applications   4. Setup and Deployment Projects   5. The Basics of C#   6. The C# code in .Net Applications   7. C# and ASP.Net