ISBN 9788171829446,Vocabulary@ 100 Words/H

Vocabulary@ 100 Words/H



Diamond Books

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788171829446

ISBN-10 8171829449


Number of Pages 200 Pages
Language (English)

English Learning & Teaching

With the english language quickly becoming the lingua franca in most offices across the country, there have been concerted efforts by most candidates to up their ante on the usage of the same. Books have quickly multiplied, especially those catering to the task of increasing the vocabulary of said candidates. Vocabulary @ 100 Words/Hr English can be made an exception however to several such incumbents. This is very simply for the structure of the book. It is designed in such a way that readers can be hopeful of veritable progress with psychoanalytic engineering preempting readers into absorbing more. The idea is very simply to help readers absorb alien words into their vocabulary by placing a number of associations across difficult words to simpler and similar sounding words. This makes sure that the reader isn't left to his own devises of cramming these words under some non-existent pressure. Scientific memory technique is the touted mainstay of this exercise. In addition, the book markets itself as a time frame driven narrative, where the people reading have only to exert an hour to translate this into an added 100 words for their vocabulary. The book packs these features in quite lightly with just 200 pages to its credit. Vocabulary @ 100 Words/Hr English makes use of a number of references that are made part of the associative learning experience.