ISBN 9788132107019,Vulnerable India : A Geographical Study of Disasters

Vulnerable India : A Geographical Study of Disasters


S Murari



SAGE Publications Ltd

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788132107019

ISBN-10 8132107012


Number of Pages 392 Pages
Language (English)


This is the story of the man who defined the armed struggle for an independent Eelam for over three decades and who lived by the gun and died by the gun-Velupillai Prabhakaran. A home-grown guerilla who built the LTTE into a ruthless war machine and controlled its world-wide network from his hideout and ruled territories under his control with an iron fist; who defied the world and eliminated whoever came in his way, including former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi; who had fighters ready to kill and die in thousands for him ... yet he failed, leaving the future of Sri Lankan Tamils a big question mark. The book is a first-person account by the author based on his innumerable visits to Sri Lanka during its turbulent years. He looks at the Prabhakaran era, a critical phase in the country?s history, objectively, without being judgemental. Table of Contents 1. Foreword By V Suryanarayan 2. Preface 3. The Accord That Failed 4. When Colombo Was In Flames 5. Uneasy Peace In Jaffna 6. The Deep Ethnic Divide 7. Sympathy For Tamils, Not For Their Cause 8. Delhi Cracks The Whip On Prabhakaran 9. Battle For Jaffna And Operation Food Drop 10. India?S Vietnam 11. Ipkf?S Strategy 12. Jaffna Under Ipkf Rule 13. Progress To North-East Provincial Council 14. Enters Premadasa ... And Ipkf Is Caught In A Bind 15. IPKFGets Quit Notice 16. Jaffna A Town In Transition 17. Murder, Most Foul 18. Thondaman Averts A Crisis 19. Uneasy Peace In North, Reign Of Terror In South 20. End Of A Misadventure 21. Eelam War II 22. Thirteen-Month Honeymoon Ends 23. The Vip Treatment 24. Pathmanabha Murder 25. Dismissal Of Karunanidhi Government 26. The Turning Point 27. The Impeachment Drama 28. India Hits Back, Gets Isolated 29. Assassination Of Premadasa 30. Wijetunga?s Uninspiring Tenure 31. Chandrika Era 32. Short-Lived Hope Of Peace 33. From Pm To President 34. Short-Lived Truce 35. The Battle For Jaffna 36. The Bloody Aftermath In Colombo 37. The Peace Package Diluted 38. The Mullaitivu Attack 39. Unceasing Battles 40. Chandrika Gets A Fresh Lease Of Life 41. The Siege Of Jaffna 42. Devolution Package Falls Through 43. Short-Lived Pa Government 44. The Long And Uneasy Truce 45. United National Party Wins On Peace Plank 46. Prabhakaran In The Dock 47. Prabhakaran Puts A Cat Among Pigeons 48. Peace Talks Begin 49. Ups And Downs In Talks 50. Ltte Opts Out, But Ranil Does Not Give Up 51. A Missed Opportunity 52. Chandrika Steps In, Norway Steps Out 53. Karuna Splits Ltte 54. Yet Another Split Verdict 55. When Tsunami United Lanka 56. Post-Tsunami Unity Crumbles 57. The Last Phase 58. Mahinda Wins, With A Little Help From The Ltte 59. Undeclared War 60. Operation Watershed 61. Accord Eludes Geneva II 62. Mahinda Strengthens His Hands 63. Goodbye Bala! 64. Ltte Takes To Wings 65. Tit-For-Tat Air Raids 66. Echo In Tamil Nadu 67. Lanka Ends Truce 68. Tentative Moves For Solution 69. Ltte Offers Truce, Colombo Spurns It 70. Prabhakaran?S Last Hurrah 71. Ltte Citadels Fall 72. The Final Battle 73. The Bitter End 74. Epilogue 75. Index