ISBN 9789380222820,Wah Bharat

Wah Bharat


Nirmal Joshi



GenNext Publication

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789380222820

ISBN-10 9380222823


Number of Pages 201 Pages
Language (Hindi, English)

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This book has a singular motive of bringing into limelight such facts and information about India and Indians which not only enriches the knowledge of the readers about the greatness of this country, it's things and its people, but also simultaneously triggers an awakening in their minds to know, discover and explore more and more aboutthe little known things where India and Indians have been brilliant,outstanding and matchless. This book aims to reachoutto those Indians who have settled abroad and wishes to makethem instrumental in drawing the attention of the people of their adopted countries to know the facts and information about the great history of the eternally talented India & the Indians. The book encompasses everything Indian. The uniqueness of this book is that it can engross a reader who has just Sminutes as well as those who have 5 hours.

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