ISBN 9788184952773,Waiting for the Dalai Lama

Waiting for the Dalai Lama



Jaico Publishing House

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788184952773

ISBN-10 8184952775


Number of Pages 224 Pages
Language (English)


Stories from all sides of the Tibetan debate Why Does the Issue of Tibet Rouse Such Passions on Both Sides? And is there any Way to Find Common Ground? During her 11 year stint in China, journalist Annelie Rozeboom was able to interview numerous Tibetan people inside and outside Tibet, as well as Chinese residents, Western observers and the Dalai Lama himself. As these people explain their life stories, it becomes clear to the reader why they think the way they do. The book also shows how history washed over this remote kingdom and how the Tibetans and the Chinese came to take such opposing positions. Waiting for the Dalai Lama is a uniquely valuable book which approaches the emotive issue of Tibet from all angles.