ISBN 9781846841682,War & Ethics: A New Just War Theory

War & Ethics: A New Just War Theory



Continuum International Publishing Group

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9781846841682

ISBN-10 1846841682

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Number of Pages 188 Pages
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The US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 prompted unprecedented public interest in the ethics of war, a debate that has raged furiously in the media, in politics and in the public consciousness ever since. In this fascinating and informative book, Nicholas Fotion, an expert on the ethics of military action, explores the notion of developing an ethical theory that guides the behaviour of those who are at war.

Fotion gives a clear account of just war theory, presenting it as a useful device in helping us make decisions about what we should do when war appears on the horizon. Examining conflicts such as Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Israel, the Falklands and Afghanistan, the book interrogates the roles of the various parties involved in military action - the military, government officials, and the side-line judges (journalists, citizens, scholars, neutral nations) - and the role just war theory should play as a direct guide to behaviour. Articulate, provocative and stimulating, War and Ethics is an ideal introduction to this hugely important debate.

About the Author
Nicholas Fotion is Professor of Philosophy at Emory University, USA. He has published widely on the ethics of military action. He is also author of John Searle in Acumens Philosophy Now series.

Table of Contents
Just War Theory
Objections to Just War Theory
Easy Cases: Germany, Japan, Korea
Harder Cases: Serbia, Russia, Kosovo, Iraq
Multiple Reasons
More Problems for Just War Theory
Prevention: Sri Lanka, Thailand
Two Just War Theories
Problems with Just War Theory I
Problems with Just War Theory II
Closing Thoughts