ISBN 9780062371454,War In The Boardroom

War In The Boardroom


Al Ries


Harper Collins



Harper Collins

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9780062371454

ISBN-10 0062371452

Hard Back

Language (English)


Renowned business gurus Al and Laura Ries give a blow-by-blow account of the battle between management and marketing--and argue that the solution lies not in what we think but in how we think Theres a reason why the marketing programs of the auto industry, the airline industry, and many other industries are not only ineffective, but bogged down by chaos and confusion. Management minds are not on the same wavelength as marketing minds. What makes a good chief executive? A person who is highly verbal, logical, and analytical. Typical characteristics of a left brainer. What makes a good marketing executive? A person who is highly visual, intuitive, and holistic. Typical characteristics of a right brainer. These different mind-sets often result in conflicting approaches to branding, and the Ries thought-provoking observations--culled from years on the front lines--support this conclusion, including: Management deals in reality. Marketing deals in perception. Management demands better products. Marketing demands different products. Management deals in verbal abstractions. Marketing deals in visual hammers. Using some of the worlds most famous brands and products to illustrate their argument, the authors convincingly show why some brands succeed (Nokia, Nintendo, and Red Bull) while others decline (Saturn, Sony, and Motorola). In doing so, they sound a clarion call: to survive in todays media-saturated society, managers must understand how to think like marketers--and vice versa. Featuring the engaging, no-holds-barred writing that readers have come to expect from Al and Laura Ries, War in the Boardroom offers a fresh look at a perennial problem and provides a game plan for companies that want to break through the deadlock and start reaping the rewards.