ISBN 9788132107071,Water and the Laws in India

Water and the Laws in India



SAGE Publications Ltd

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788132107071

ISBN-10 8132107071

Hard Back

Number of Pages 388 Pages
Language (English)


World War II presents the backdrop for this riveting account of displacement, migration and resettlement. Once the Soviet forces marched into Poland, thousands of Polish citizens were deported to slave-labour camps in the USSR. As news of their inhuman condition and ordeal spread, Jam Saheb Digvijaysinghji of Nawanagar, a Princely State in British India, opened the doors of his state and welcomed the orphaned Polish children. The Second Homeland chronicles the passage and sojourn of these young refugees. Readers will get an authentic account of their tribulations through the first-person narrative of a young Polish orphans hair-raising journey to India and his experiences during the stay. The book includes a historical perspective culled out from archival documents in India, the UK and Poland. This is a unique mix of a diary, oral history and historical viewpoint placed adjacent to a compilation of archival personal photographs. The book beautifully brings out a little-known aspect of European exiles in India during World War II. Table of Contents Foreword Introduction: A Brief Historical Background ARRIVAL Franeks Odyssey Arrival in India INDIA YEARS Franek and Tadek in Balachadi Home for the Next Few Years The Transit Camps and War-duration Domicile Franek in Valivade A Polish Village on an Indian Riverbank REMINISCENCES AND REFLECTIONS Franeks Epilogue Looking Back Voices from the Past Authors Note Photographs Appendices Bibliography Index